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It can be a dangerous world for everyone at times but in some locations any kind of activism can be particularly hazardous to those who oppose or seek to change governments, local populations and justice systems.

If you find yourself in this position here are some tips to keep your online activities anonymous and your messages secure.

Software is FREE to do these things.

Our first suggestion is to avoid commercial software who's underlying code is unknown. OpenSource code offers the best protection because we have no way to know to what extent commercial products may collaberate with governments to provide back door access to their security products. Instead of Microsoft for email or encryption use Thunderbird email. Use a browser other than IE or Chrome. We suggest FireFox. Both are Mozilla packages and are created by volunteer coders free of charge. *

TrueCrypt is an encryption program you can install on Windows and Linux PC's plus other versions that will work on Android devices. TrueCrypt in no longer supported but is still one of the most unbreakable encryption programs you can have. We have no way to know if Microsoft built in encryption is secure or if they have provided a "back door" to authorities. Get various archived versions HERE.

The official site suggests a program called "bit locker". You can read more here.

TOR browser was developed with activism in mind. It is the gateway to what many call the "dark web" which may contain over 75% of the entire Internet. It is used by dissidents and government agents world wide to remain anonymous while on line.  TOR does not encrypt your traffic but it does conceal who and where you are.

VPN is acronym for Virtual Private Network. This option encrypts your traffic as it leaves your computer and also prevents your own ISP from knowing what you are doing while connected to the network.  Used in conjunction with TOR this can be a powerful pair of tools for protection. This page lists 5 free services. READ the terms and be sure to choose one that keeps NO logs of your connections or activity. Do NOT use HideMyAss as they do log everything you do.

Email encryption. Thunderbird email is open source and can facilitate the encryption of your emails. You do have to set it up and share keys.

Done in combination even the NSA could not determine who you are or what you are doing. The only thing to consider is that via your ISP someone can only know that you have connected to a VPN or downloaded or connected to TOR ( unless you connect to TOR through a VPN ) and in some cases even that can raise suspicion.

Disclaimer:  This information is offered as-is with no guarantee. You must know the risks in your jurisdiction and take precautions as you deem fit for your situation.  CURE will in no way be responsible for your actions.


*  These are USA links. Your own location may determine the destination based on your own language.

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