Free (or really cheap ) Resources

As a volunteer organization, we know money is always in short supply.  While certain expenses simply cannot be avoides such as purchasing paper, computers, printers, postage and so on, software can often be found free of charge if you know what to look for.

We offer below some great options to expensive software programs. Download and install these and you can run your entire organization without spending a fortune on software.

Brand Name  Free / Low cost alternative Where to download
 Microsoft Office Open Office, Windows, Mac, Linux. FREE
Will open and save docs, power point, eXell etc.
 Photoshop The Gimp, Windows, Mac, Linux. FREE
 Adobe Acrobat PDF Creator ( Cost but affordable )
 Adobe Premier VSCD Video Editor. A fantastic video editing platform FREE
 Adobe Reader Foxit Reader. FREE  Adobe is free but Foxit is more secure.
 Notepad Notepad is free but Note++ is far more powerful. FREE
 Adobe Illustrator Inkscape.  Great vector drawing program, Win, Mac, Linux
 Microsoft Publisher Serif Page Plus Starter. FREE
This is the program CURE uses to produce it's printed
news letter. Can design business cards and brochures too!
 Microsoft Power Point A free viewer for Microsoft presentations.  http://microsoft-powerpoint

 In some parts of the world, activism can be dangerous.
Please read this article if you have a need to operate out of
sight of authorities.

 Click Here

Build a new computer or re-purpose a gift without the cost of purchasing a Windows license.  FREE

Linux will do it all and can be easier to install than Windows!  Nice graphical desktop very similar to Windows.

Windows OS Linux, Ubuntu( excellent replacement for Window
Will run almost all Window programs in addition to most of the above in native mode. More secure than Windows. )
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