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Consider participating in CURE's international conferences.

6th was in 2014 in Thailand link to Press Conference on Human Rights and Criminal Justice Reform Link to Transforming Justice and Prison Systems Ultimate Purpose/4 goals/30 Steps Forward 

Evaluations of Prisons in Americas and Principles and Best Practices on the Protection of Persons Deprived of Liberty in the Americas.

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Prisons are used only for people who absolutely must be incarcerated. And for these who are incarcerated, they should be given all the rehabilitative opportunities they need to turn their lives around.

Prisoners should have:

  • Safe, sanitary living conditions
  • Access to adequate medical care
  • Contact visitation
  • Access to send and receive mail
  • Ability to contact family by telephone
  • Proper and nutritious diet
  • Meaningful work
  • Adequate mental health care where appropriate
  • Access to meaningful grievance process

CURE believes that a person is sent to prison as punishment and not for punishment!


A Liberal Prison System-Bastoy Island




Optionals are  substantive areas related to a treaty. There are two optionals  that International CURE totally supports.

(1) The ICCPR’s Second Optional Protocol aims at the abolition of the death penalty.

Also, International CURE is a member of the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty. See its website for the list of  countries who have ratified this Second Optional Protocol concerning the abolition of the death penalty.

 (2) OPCAT link to Making It Work: the Optional Protocal to the Convention Against  Torture and website for the Association of Torture Prevention

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