International CURE
Photo credits, Alan Pogue
Behind Prison Bars
Typical Cell Block
Youth in Cages
Young prisoners peer out window
Argentina Algebra Students
The almost bald man with reading glasses on chest is a prisoner and also the mathematics professor at a men’s prison in Argentina. Women prisoners are brought over to attend the class.
Colombia, waiting to see dad
Men’s prison in Bogata, Columbia I spotted this girl in the line who absolutely won my heart. If I were her father I’d do anything to get back to her, claw my out.
Anh Linh School
For street children and the children of the poorest parents. It is run by Vietnamese Catholic nuns in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon.
Colomiba Visitors
So many people it took three photos to get almost all of them. They had started to line up at 3 a.m
Dove of Peace
Prisoner looks out window in Argentina as a dove hovers over his window.
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